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Music is my passion and I have been lucky enough to be able to make it my career-


I am able to play many instruments , these include- Oud,Lute,Saz,Guitar,Percussion.


I am able to play a wide range of styles of music, these include

Classical Guitar

Flamenco Guitar


Popular Music


I am available to perform solo,or as a duo,trio or band. Some playing options are listed below-

Phil Gunter guitar,rennaisance and mediaeval lutes available with duo or trio

Phil Gunter oud solo or with percussion and more plus dancer.

Available with Bands -



Noria Letts either with jazz group of with DJ.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss you requirements.





Melbourne Age Review for Meluke  Click here  

Phil on his Oud

Indie CD Review

Phil Gunter is a Melbourne-based musician who specialises in Turkish and Arabic oud music, as well as medieval and renaissance music for lute. Philip was a founding member of the medieval group Cantigas, and has also contributed to the Al Jadida and Yalla! ensembles. On this album he presents a captivating collection of solo pieces for oud (Arabic lute), with occasional self-accompaniment on various Arabic and Indian percussion. This is a very intimate recording, capturing the oud at its purest, unadorned by other instrumentation and laid bare to the ear in all its throaty beauty. There are moments where the listener is placed so close to the action you can hear spectral harmonics resonating from within the instrument's body. Gunter attacks and cajoles the instrument with authority, moving from sombre, stately reflections to whirling dervish improvisations and back again.

The compositions are a mix of Gunter's originals (drawn from traditional Turkish / Arabic influences), and interpretations of traditional pieces from Ottoman classical and Indian music. This is music born of spiritual reflection so there is plenty of improvisation, and without a technical understanding of the musical form it's hard to discern any particular structure in some pieces, but this evokes its own journey. The deep organic tone of the oud is a pleasure in itself and Gunter's relaxed mastery of its range provides many atmospheres on this album. Often I looked up to find myself sipping mint tea in a shaded corner of a kasbah.

 I particularly like the tracks combining oud with the percussion (darabouka, mrdung, riqq and Rajasthani drum), the rhythm really helps to drive the oud forward, and provides good textural contrast to the album. The original "For Harb", dedicated to Gunter's wife, is particularly successful at this and really gallops along with a fiery tabla accompaniment. Another welcome contrast is the final track "Om Namo", in which Gunter relinquishes the oud to play another Middle Eastern string instrument, the saz. This instrument sings with a thin shimmering drone, almost the polar opposite of the oud, and immediately lightens the air with its fine crystalline sound.

This release is a great document of Gunter's ability in what is a complex musical form, with honest production that is authentic to the personality of the oud. A worthy addition to any world music collection, and another fine feather in Phil Gunter's musical turban.

  Bradfield Dumpleton 2008

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"The strumming and the flute notes rise into the atmosphere, and even if the whole world's harp should burn up, there will still be hidden instruments playing." - Rumi