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Here are some of my recordings

I have been recording music for the past 17 years both as a solo artist and as an ensemble member. My first recording was as a 28-year-old lute player in the medieval group Cantigas, of which I was a founding member. We toured extensively in Australia and New Zealand and recorded three CDs under the Move Records label. I am in the process of recording my 10th CD.

All the Yalla , Al Jadida and the Meluke CD's can be purchased on line - Click here

All the Cantigas CD's can be purchased on line - Click here


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Meluke is my first solo CD.  It features my compositions as well as traditional music I play on the oud (Arabic lute),  saz,  merdang (Indian drum), darabouka  and req (Arabic tambourine).    

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Yalla, which celebrated its 10th year in 2007, is a Middle-Eastern dance music ensemble which is a popular feature at cultural and folk festivals.

"You'd have to travel thousands of kilometres, endure sizzling temperatures and ride a camel to hear music as authentic as that of Yalla!"  Sarah Hudson, Herald Sun, Melbourne.

"Upbeat middle-eastern dance music...from an unlikely location." Lucky Oceans, The Planet, Radio National


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Al JADIDA evokes the atmosphere of the bazaars of Cairo and Istanbul and combines it with the pulse of New York, quite unlike anything you've heard or seen before. The melancholic cry of the oud and the soprano saxophone will transport you from silent dreams of shifting desert sands to the frenzied passion of driving dance music .

The original compositions embrace musical influences from the Middle-East, Africa, Spain, Asia and contemporary jazz.

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"Jadida does what world leaders have failed to do-build bridges instead of borders that humans battle over. These classically trained musicians have brought together the sounds of our continents to create uplifting, inspirational music. Their two albums are addictive."

- Harbant Gill, Arts Editor, Herald Sun, Melbourne.

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Silk and Spice come together in an exotic musical journey through medieval Europe, Asia and the Middle-East. The album is inspired by the image of a journey along the Silk Road.

"... there is a sheer joy to the music making the playing is first rate." Andrew Ford, ABC 24 Hours

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Travellers' Tapestry by Cantigas is a collection of melodies inspired by the medieval centres of barter and exchange grouped along busy trade routes.

 ... intricate rhythmic support, and bright, individual instrumental colours will attract everyone, interested in early music or not ... a nicely balanced sequence of subtle, individual and very satisfying miniatures ...Malcolm Tattersall, Australias Journal of Recorder and Early Music

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Courts in Colour focuses on the four important courts of the Middle Ages: Eleanor of Aquitaine in France, Gaon of Tiberias in Jerusalem, Saladin, Sultan of Egypt, and Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon in Spain.

If you like folk music, you will probably go nuts over it-
Patrice Connelly, Australian Music Teacher Magazine

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All the Yalla , Al Jadida and the Meluke CD's can be purchased on line  - Click here

All the Cantigas CD's can be purchased on line - Click here