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Guitarists and Singers Workshops

I have decided to hold a number of guitar workshops in the coming months. They will be on a Saturday afternoon and are really just an excuse to get together,play a few songs and maybe learn something along the way.So no matter what standard you are come along meet some nice people and learn how much fun singing and playing guitar can be. 

For more details. Contact me

I will be playing at -

August 8 -  Friday 9pm Paris Cat Jazz Club  

                 Goldie Place off little Burke St near Queen.                                                                     playing with  Noria Letts, Steve Sedergreen, Nick Heyward and Alan Brown


August 10 - Sunday 1-3pm at the Urchin Bar

                  Hampton St Hampton (ph 9598 1453).

                   playing with percussionist Matt Stonehouse on frame drums and darabukha,


August 17 - Sunday 2pm Monash University,

                  Lecture Theatre K309 Booking at  "Mystic Journey" phone -03 9905 2164

                  playing with Nefes ensemble,classical  Turkish  and Sufi music,



August 24 - Sunday 3pm at the Spot 

                  133 Sydney Road Brunswick

                  playing with Al Jadida fusion ensemble.


September 28 -  Sunday, Bar 303

                           303 High St Northcote

                           playing with Al Jadida fusion ensemble


October  20 - Monday  8pm  at fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane Melbourne bookings at                        03 9662 9966 or

                   playing with Nefes ensemble,classical  Turkish  and Sufi music,





What is an Oud you may ask?

The Oud is the short-necked, pear-shaped, fretless, plucked lute that is played in North Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey from which all the early European lutes and possibly the guitar originate.

People ask me how hard is it to play the oud? In many ways, it's still pushing down notes and plucking them like a guitar. The mechanics are kind of the same.

The biggest difference is it has no frets. So it's more like playing a violin or a cello. 

Some of my favourite places-

Hear me play and watch the belly dancer Click here


If you would like to discuss your musical needs please - Contact me .  

"The strumming and the flute notes rise into the atmosphere and even if the whole world's harp should burn up, there will still be hidden instruments playing." - Rumi