Guitar Teacher-Oud Player-Guitarist

I  love teaching 

I love to play music and I teach because I genuinely enjoy it. It gives me great satisfaction to meet a new student and watch them grow. Music is all about enjoyment and that's what I love to see my students doing. Whether it's mastering a basic three-chord song or laying down a blinding solo, it's that look of enjoyment that keeps me teaching. 

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A number of my students tell me I am very patient and I suppose that is the nature of my make-up. To do something right the first time is a gift not everybody has and for most of the human race it's the repetition and  reinforcement that gets us to where we want to be. 

I have many different sorts of students. Some are advanced classical guitarists, others have never played  a guitar before, yet others have dreams of being a rock star. Some want to sing around a campfire, others want help composing songs. Be assured that if you have the passion I have the time and patience to devote to you in realising your dream.

 I asked a few students what they thought of my teaching and this is what they said:

"Phil makes guitar-playing fun" - Amy, 12

"Phil coached me for my VCE solo music performance and was also my  accompanist. I did really well, I got an A+"  - Adam, 18

"Phil's patience and total focus gave me the confidence to enjoy the guitar again after many years of not playing" - Rod, 42

"I had a dream to play 'Stairway to Heaven'. Phil showed me how" - Brian 50

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